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Kevin Goad Song - Thomas Stone High School Band

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March 3rd, 2005

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04:33 pm - Kevin Goad Song
If you know nothing of the Kevin Goad song, here is a short history.

The Kevin Goad song was established by a few of Thomas Stone Marching Band's members during their fantastic 2002 season, the first year Kevin Goad graced the marching band with his presence. The song became an immediate hit, and was sung by many of the band members on the way to and from competitions each week. With its techno-esque bass renditions of the two words "Kevin" and "Goad", many of the band members found the song particularly easy to learn, if for no other reason than the fact that they needed only to come up with an interesting rythym in which to sing "Kevin", "Goad", or both. And if they were really dumb, they just copied someone else.

As the season ended, the Kevin Goad was not forgotten, making appearances throughout the school year.

In the 2003 marching season, the song reached new heights, as additions were made in the form of the "Chris Prarie Song", the "Chris Rick Song" (which was soon after banned, for obvious reasons), and the "Kevin Goad Song Bridge Ballad." With the exception of the Bridge Ballad, each addition followed the formula of the original--background rythyms created by the use of only the name of the person the song discussed, and rhyming couplets sung as lead vocals by the self-proclaimed Kevin Goad Song Emcee.

Further interest into the project of the Kevin Goad song allowed for the addition of specific song breaks and chorus lines, all of which were easily assimilated into the ever growing repetoire of the Kevin Goad Song Devotees.

In a special Halloween version of the Kevin Goad Song, a small transition was made into recreating such sounds as one would expect to hear in Friday the 13th, and it was dubbed "The Scary Kevin Goad Song."

Well, for anybody who misses the Kevin Goad song, or anybody who missed their opportunity at either year of the wonderful song, there is a website for you.


Enjoy, and remember not to download it too many times. It eats up Blake's bandwidth.
It is the most marvelous thing you will see all day.
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