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"Oh, it's you again?" - Thomas Stone High School Band

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February 7th, 2005

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10:59 pm - "Oh, it's you again?"
Well, hey there kidlets. It's your favorite converted Southerner reminding you why my school is ridiculously awesome.

Here is the production announcement for the 2005 Marching Southerners. If you are a brass player and you like drum corps, Southerners is heaven. If you're a woodwind player like myself ... it's still a lot of fun.

If anyone has any questions about why I say it's so awesome, ask away.

For those of you that wonder what I'm doing these days or who the crap I am to begin with, you're about to find out. My name is Aaron Derencin and I play tenor saxophone. Poorly. I graduated from Thomas Stone in 2003. I hated it.

I am a sophomore majoring in music education at Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. I am also persuing a jazz certificate. I am studying with Mace Hibbard, who looks really funny in the picture that is linked. To those that knew me, you will be surprised that I actually have a very active social life and am having a freakin' hard time fitting everything in because of it. I currently serve as the secretary for the great Epsilon Nu chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, to which I was initiated on April 5, 2004. We are a social music fraternity with professional ideals and we don't suck. At all.

How is everything looking for the spring with band stuff?

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